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Aberdeen Angus Black
Aberdeen Angus Red

Aberdeen Angus

 The Aberdeen Angus cattle stands out among the taurine breeds by gathering a larger number of positive features that ensure an excellent economic result as beef cattle. The set of characteristics make them a complete breed.

The excellent quality of their meat is evidenced by the opinion of industry officials, and confirmed in several different contests held in the main producing markets.

The Aberdeen Angus has 3 to 6 mm of fat (European requirements) and their meat is marbled (fat marbling in the meat), which gives softness and taste. The perfect and uniform distribution of fat in the muscle gives much more attractive and unique flavor. The importance of this distribution is promoted according to their preparation: the fat melts partially by the action of heat and fills the thin part, improving the taste considerably. The most important markets in the world supply the most demanding customers; they achieve great commercial gains, taking advantage of what is the best in beef cattle. Without hesitation, they say: ANGUS BEEF IS THE BEST!

The origin of Red Angus was in 1805, where Aberdeen Angus with this strain sometimes appeared among them. In Brazil the first animal was recorded in 1936, and the breed had got distinction because of their sexual maturity and maternal ability.

Medium-sized animal, the male can reach up to 900 kg and the female between 500 and 600 kg, the red hair is caused by a recessive gene. The breed genetically mocha, has a small, short and large head.

The breed is known for its sexual precocity, rate of weight gain and setting characteristics. Besides, presenting the same Aberdeen Angus virtues and functional characteristics. Some people say that the Red Angus is more rustic than Black Aberdeen Angus because the red hair has better resistance to ticks and heat.

According to some breeders, Red Angus adapt in rocky fields and difficult conditions, like the state of Montana.