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Brangus is a synthetic breed developed in the USA through the Aberdeen Angus and Brahman.

Brangus breed has the distinctive qualities: hardiness and adaptation. They get used easily to several types of weather and have an extraordinary ability to transform forage into proteins. In terms of longevity, the cows normally bring forth when they are more than 14 years old, and also early and fertile, with a great maternal ability, the bulls even fertile, have all the characteristics of the race due to the strong genetics.

Due to the individual hybrid force, the calves are weaned and when they are two years old they are ready for slaughter. The carcass profits reach 60%, which make them highly interesting for producers and meatpackers.
(Não colocar a primeira frase) It is an excellent quality of meat, and has less fat, and it is the most competitive meat in the international market.

The Brangus heifers can gain weight even in dry months, when some animals do not. All of this is due to their heat tolerance and ectoparasites.

The resistance of the animals makes the cattle work well both in production and reproduction, with a great capacity of subtracting food. The coat can be black or red.