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The sheep production cut has presented as a good option for farmers relating to reached high prices, but also by increasing the demand for sheep meat, and for beef lamb specifically.

Santa Ines breed can be used to produce lambs for early slaughter in intensive production systems, as maternal lineage due to the characteristics already mentioned of high maternal ability, prolificacy, non-seasonal production, lower susceptibility to endo-and ectoparasites and adaptation to tropical pastures. The smaller size in relation to specialized breeds results in lower nutritional demand, allowing a greater capacity of pastures. So coupled with lower incidence of health problems, it can help the achievement of lower production costs.

The number of lambs produced annually, can be increased using this breed of sheep, because the intensification of reproductive activity is completely feasible. Thus it is possible to produce two lambs per ewe in the same year.

The lower performance of the offsprings can be improved with the male slaughter sheep, producing lambs with great gain weight and better carcass. These aspects make Santa Ines a good alternative for the intensive production of lamb beef in a sustainable system of animal production.