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The shipment of the animals is done only after a complete and thorough sanitary control, and strict quarantine and official release.
This process of preparing the animals for export follows the health requirements laid down between the country that is buying the animals and the Brazilian agency responsible for the inspection is MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil.).
The process begins when the importing country sends the "Import Permit", then the pre-selected animals on the farm are sent to isolation, right after the quarantine begins. AGRO BETEL Company has their own quarantine center, which is one of the only accredited by the MAPA in the free area of FMD in Brazil.

In quarantine, any animal not able to be exported is removed from the process, assuring the quality of products exported.

The quarantine has veterinary a responsibility for animals and is supervised by veterinary official Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil and may be accompanied by veterinarians of the importing country or indicated by purchased.

The quarantine period varies according to the protocol, which lasts about 30 days. During this period the animals are treated against endo and ectoparasites, they are tested against the diseases required by the protocol and adapted to supply travel, if the trip is by sea they are followed by some expert technicians to the shipment. In the end of the process, MAPA sends an official document certifying and officializing internationally, the veracity of the whole process, "Export Permit".