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It is one of the oldest breeds in the world, from Sind northern desert, in Pakistan. But they are also found in more than 33 countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas. It is considered Pakistan "national race".

The qualities of the breed referred to the proper constitution of the animals within the racial group and to the properties that are derived from the environmental conditions in the original region. The Sindhi cattle are generally small, they have beautiful appearance, suitable for regions with few food resources, which would be difficult to maintain large animals, and they adapt to different climates and soil easily. The prolificacy is another important feature of this breed.

The Sindhi cattle has red fur, varying from the darkest color to the ginger, observing sometimes, white spots in the wattle, in the forehead and underbelly, but no large spots.

According to their weight, the females weigh from 350 kg to 450 kg and the males from 500 kg to 600 kg. Brazil Studies have already demonstrated Sindhi's high potential, in the semi-arid regions.