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Guzera Bos Indicus (Zebu) is a breed from Gujarat, in the center of the east coast of India; it is a large animal, great for meat and milk production.

Stately manner, high head and big horns, lyre-shaped. It is acceptable the pelage varying from light to dark gray in white females.

Black leather, well pigmented, with well developed and muscled members, allows the Guzera withstands long walks under the tropical sun, looking for food and water and also resists long periods of drought.

They have low birth weight, around 30 kg for males and 28 kg for females like the most of zebu, what facilitates the birth, both the first offspring or the subsequent births of the calves. The cows' milk production guarantees a good development of the heifers in the lactation stage.

The weight gain is very good for the pure-bred animals, easily exceeding over 1,000 gram / day average in the feedlot cattle. It is common the Guzera cow exceeds 5,000 kg of milk per lactation.

Extremely fertile, they reproduce even in the adverse conditions. (eliminar o resto da frase)